GDPR Policy

For processing of personal data


ENIT handles a number of personal data and the purpose of this policy is to clarify how ENIT processes your personal data in order for you to feel confident that the association is protecting your privacy.

The policy also allows you to know what personal information we have, how we treat them and why we have them, and under what conditions you can take advantage of your rights.


As a user association, we have an obligation to comply with the regulations generally applicable to associations, for example, the keeping of member and personal records. We also need your personal information in order to fulfill our obligations towards you as a member of the user Association.

The starting point of any processing of personal data is not to process more personal data than is necessary for the purpose and not, except where strictly necessary, to use privacy-sensitive data.

You have the right to be informed about what information ENIT has about you and provided that there is no legal basis for the association to save the information, you also have the right to have the data deleted.


What personal data do we treat?

ENIT treats personal data only when there is a legal basis, i.e. when the association needs the personal information to fulfill the obligations of law or contract, or if there is an explicit need to be able to reach you as a union member.

Here are examples of the personal Data The association treats:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Information that you register and voluntarily provide
  • Photos and videos during events

We photograph and sometimes we also film during our events to use as news, marketing material or similar, in printed format, electronically or on websites and social media. By joining our events, you also agree that we may take photos and possibly filming for these purposes. The material will only be used by ENIT. Would you like us not to take a photo or film you, please contact us at

How do we access your personal information?

Your membership in ENIT is the basis for the personal Data The association treats. You as a member have the right to be able to come into contact with SURGs Board and the staff at the office, as well as the board and the staff at the office need to be able to reach you with information. Therefore, ENITcollects information about email addresses and phone numbers as well as addresses.

You can revoke ENIT processing your personal data at any time, which means that ENIT must delete the personal data. However, deletion of personal data requires that ENIT is not required to process them in order to comply with a statutory or contractual obligation.

What information do we provide to you?

As a member of ENIT you always have the right to get an extract from the member register and can thus easily see what information the Association has registered. You may also take part in this policy and you will also receive information about how you can contact us if you have questions or need to submit a request or enquiry regarding your personal information.

Your personal data is processed in a satisfactory manner

ENIT has developed procedures and ways of working to ensure that your personal data is handled in a secure manner.

When do we disclose your personal information?

ENITs starting point is not to disclose your personal information to third parties unless you have consented to it or if it is not necessary to comply with ENITs Statutory or contractual obligations. In the event that we disclose personal data to third parties, this is done in agreement with established guidelines, which ensure that the personal data are processed in a satisfactory manner.


ENIT is a data controller, which means that ENIT is responsible for how your personal data is processed and that your rights are considered.

Stockholm, May 2018

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