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With the help of StreamServe and ENIT’s expertise, the real estate company increased its business benefits with automated processes and optimized use of resources.

Wallenstam build, develop and managebuildings, homes and commercial properties. Environmental and safety issues are a major focus area and the company is always looking for new opportunities to build, develop and work more sustainably. In addition, Wallenstam works closely with cities to create safe, secure places and neighborhoods where people love to live, work and visit. Wallenstam is one of the largest private housing companies in Sweden with approximately 7,500 apartments in central locations in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Wallenstam saw the need for a digital change process with new technology to increase business value. The choice fell onStreamServe as one of the solutions that would help the real estate company meet future demands for flexibility. However, there was a need for external expertise to solve technical challenges and optimize the outcome for Wallenstam’s extensive operations.

ENIT’s assignments included technology, expertise and integration. The goal was to automate processes and optimize use of resources together with StreamServe and ENIT’s proprietary solutions.

Wallenstam use StreamServe to design, develop and create invoices. The goal was to create different types of invoice outputs, which ENIT delivered as follows: printing (AFP), e-mail (PDF), e-invoicing (XML + PDF) and EDI invoices (Svefaktura XML & PDF).

ENIT also integrated StreamServe with two different source systems: Fastnet for printing rental invoices and Xellent for printing energy invoices. The StreamServe integration with the banks was solved through text files that update the company’s data warehouse and the invoicing system Basware.

With broad experience and deep StreamServe expertise, ENIT has given Wallenstam the opportunity to solve technical problems and integrate customized solutions properly.

ENIT also challenged Wallenstam to do the right things instead of the simple ones. By asking relevant questions, being accessible and always responsive, there is today a strong trust in ENIT’s consultants and solutions.

Wallenstam has a stable and flexible technical platform / toolbox with quick access to expert help when the need arises.

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