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ENIT’s document archive TDS gave 14,000 employees globally access to search, process and distribute 30 million documents in an efficient and secure way. Documents from IFS, Jeeves, SAP and StreamServe Exstream are archived daily.

SSAB is a global highly specialized steel company that develops high-strength steels and provides services for better performance and from a sustainability perspective. SSAB’s steel and services contribute to lower weight of the end product and increase the product’s strength and service life.

The head office is located in Stockholm and production facilities are located in three locations in Sweden (Borlänge, Luleå, Oxelösund), in two locations in Finland and in two locations in the USA. The company also has the capacity to process and complete various steel products in China and a number of other countries such as India, China, Japan, Australia and others.

SSAB is a global group with extensive document management. The need includes almost 30 million documents that must be searchable and where more than 14,000 employees must have access to them to varying degrees. An additional requirement was that the documents must be able to be signed with a VAT certificate in accordance with current EU rules. The function that definitely decided SSAB’s choice of Transactional Document Storage (TDS) was the ability to merge several documents into a single pdf for smoother distribution to customers and partners.

ENIT’s assignment includes implementation, integration and adaptation of the document archive TDS to enable rapid search, viewing and merging of documents. Migration from previous archives Collector was also made easy with TDS migration tool.

SSAB uses Transactional Document Storage (TDS) to store documents from OpenText StreamServer Exstream in a simple way – and to be able to search, process and distribute them when needed in an easily accessible way for both the employee and the recipient. All in a nice and simple web interface, where each employee can easily do their document searches.

ENIT adapted the solution with the possibility of signing VAT certificates according to EU rules and integrated TDS with SSAB’s other solutions from SAP, Jeeves and IFS.

ENIT’s solution Transactional Document Storage (TDS) has contributed to a higher level of trust among customers and partners for the documents SSAB sends. The documents are more reliable and the mailings more efficient for the recipient to receive, as a large proportion of data spread on many documents can be collected and sent as a single pdf. The service also makes it possible to efficiently search on just about all documents that are stored, today close to 30 million, and get a quick search result.

SSAB values in particular the effective support provided by ENIT’s consultants. In their previous solution, they had to count on a week’s wait before errors were corrected and documents were found. Today, the response time is fast and much less time is lost due to error cases.

million tonnes steel production/year

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