We help Facilitate, Optimize and Manage the IT operation of your OpenText CCM Solution (StreamServe & Exstream)

Direct Access To Experts

Our advanced experts help you customize our solution for your unique business needs.

Effective IT Operations

We know how to track and optimize your documents and system environments throughout their lifecycles.

Scalable & Proactive

We are experts at monitoring your systems to catch potential issues before they cause real problems.


We ensure that you stay current with your OpenText StreamServe licenses and allocate costs properly.

Are DOCUMENTS, digital and/or paper critical
to your business process?

Invoices - Statements - Labels - Picking Lists......

Document Tracking

Tracks The Complete Document Journey

Our Document Tracking Service tracks the complete document journey (such as invoices, medical and legal records), from the source system to its final destination.

We have developed this solution and are proud to say that it is unique in the market in terms of seeing, monitoring and reporting on the document journey in all its stages.

Job Tracking

Tracks That Your Job Goes Well!

Our Error Report verifies that all StreamServe (v5.6.1 and later) document jobs go well and reports on any error(s) that might occur during the production of the document over timed intervals (such as in 5-minute increments). Even though it is hard to admit bad things can happen, we know what can go wrong.

Learn more about how to optimize your OpenText CCM Solution.

Archiver Robot

We want you to be efficient! Archive your OpenText CCM documents / communication and use disc space more efficiently. Learn what resources are re-used in pdf files, scan specific pdfs, then allocate / resources effectively to use less disc space with high-volume pdfs (with re-used content).

Build & Deploy Tool

For our customers with older versions of StreamServe (up to 5.6.2), we have developed a tool to manage your deployment. This important tool, plus a versioning system, will create and build a database from the existing version rather than trying to keep old files together themselves.

We Help You,

Develop, Deploy and Maintain
OpenText CCM (StreamServe & Exstream)

M3 Dispatcher

Are you a Movex customer and want to prioritize your document order? There are limitations when it comes to prioritizing or deleting files. We have developed a solution for you which will dispatch documents in the preferred order of prioritization, such as based on size rather than delivery date so single documents process faster. It connects with the Document Tracking solution as well.

Compliance Tracking

Be efficient

We know our customers spend a lot of unnecessary time managing their licenses. Let us do it for you! Our Compliance tracking helps you stay compliant with OpenText StreamServe licenses. It also helps with cost allocation.


  • Know the status of your OpenText StreamServe licenses at all times.
  • Avoid unexpected budget expenditures.
  • Forecast system upgrades.

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