OpenText CCM StreamServe Experts

Extensive practical experience of more than 100 combined years in the field working with OpenText CCM Solutions (StreamServe and Exstream) on projects around the world.


Using our experience and expertise, we identify the gaps where our customers are under-served on the IT side to help them efficiently run their OpenText StreamServe environment.


Our approach is to sit with our customers to learn their needs rather than offering ‘big box’, fixed programs. Long-term relationships are the core of all our solutions.


As a small company, we are flexible and fast in meeting customer needs. We recognize the importance of being cost-effective and result-oriented in delivering on-going value.

Develop, Deploy and Maintain OpenText StreamServe

We help you:

  • Create and transform traditional documents into engaging and compelling communications with marketing messaging, alerts and more.
  • Enhance existing documents and document processes (by modifying layout, graphical elements, copy, inserts, channels, format conversions, etc.).
  • Determine distribution and set up production output.  
  • Integrate with 3rd-party systems such as ERP/CRM systems like: Iscala, Jeeves, SAP, Movex, Raindance as well as Legacy Systems.
  • Migrate older versions to newer as well as handle patches and upgrades.
  • Application analysis to see whether your solution is set-up and / or implemented correctly.  
  • Set up and manage the IT operations of the platform to ensure it is scalable, stable and secure. (To make this easier, see our pre-packaged Managed Service Solution.)

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Enit Managed Services

Gives you:

Consulting – Most companies need consultation over time, either on-site or remotely, on various development projects. Enit provides the deep expertise needed – in right timing – to develop, manage, troubleshoot and upgrade your technology.

Error Management & Support – Errors cost your company money and we just can’t have that. Enit takes action quickly – through remote management and support for maximum response – by quickly connecting, evaluating and launching solutions.

  • On Call Support – Your company can call and ask questions, as well as report urgent errors. In case of error reporting, we start troubleshooting within just 4 hours. Malfunction and support are handled continuously. You determine the priority level and we get to work accordingly.

Applications to support the management – ENIT has developed a number of applications to support the efficient management of StreamServe installations. Real-time monitoring of your system by these tools means errors are found much faster and our diagnosis means these issues are handled the right way. This, in turn, means lower costs for lost productivity and wrong actions.

Updates and Upgrades – We monitor current and emerging patches and new versions of current software and surrounding components to make sure your technology systems are working at optimum levels. If a planned update is scheduled, we work with you to suit your current service window.

Monthly reconciliation – To ensure your full satisfaction, we do monthly reconciliations of your systems by phone with the appropriate members of your team.

Develop and Set-Up E-Invoicing

Extend your existing OpenText StreamServe document output solution with E-invoicing. We help you develop and set up e-invoicing that helps to fully automate the invoice process, including configuring incoming / outgoing invoice data between systems.


  • Replace paper invoices with electronic invoices to reduce cost and protect the environment.
  • Leverage your document output to include digital invoicing.
  • Eliminate data entry by the buyer since the invoice information flows directly from the supplier to the buyer’s ERP or workflow system.

Learn how to optimize your OpenText CCM Solution.

Digitalization Support

We can help you define and implement best practices for optimal internal processes and operational efficiency. In other words, we support your digitalization process, meaning that your information / documents are transformed to digital media.

Even more, the result of working with us is not just mere digitization; it is improved customer experience because we consider your unique business and customer needs throughout the process.

And that’s why we are here for you – bringing all our years of practical expertise into your project. 


  • Evaluate current business processes to determine gaps and potential upgrades in efficiency, engagement and performance.
  • Understand your brand from your customer’s point of view to modify, upgrade or innovate new processes to support their experience at every touchpoint.
  • Determine buy-in strategy for employees and stakeholders to support changes and initiatives over time.
  • Take baseline measurements to determine transformation progress and milestone achievement(s).
  • Outline implementation strategy throughout continuous improvement process.

Document Design

Design Workshops help you assess your document customer experience and design documents to make it as easy as possible for your customer to consume and / or apply the information they provide.

These workshops will help you:

  • Identify / assess voice and tone standards that convey narrative brand personality to ensure brand compliance.
  • Assess – and brainstorm based on – current document flow.
  • Design and develop future document flow processes and design.
  • Develop compelling and effective layout and creatives in alignment with voice and tone as well as document objectives.
  • Identify how to improve document flow and delivery both from a customer experience and cost-savings / performance perspective.
  • Outline implementation strategy throughout continuous improvement process.


Regardless of your industry, it’s important to make sure your document customer experience is tight. (Because if you don’t, your customers will let you know through complaints – and nobody wants that!)

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