operation and maintenance

Operation and maintenance of OpenText CCM,
StreamServe / Exstream

We offer efficient application operation where we monitor and optimize your document and system environments, fix errors and provides fast support. No costly distractions and you can focus on the core business.

We know how operation and maintenance can best be adapted to your solution.

ENIT Managed Services

Through our Managed Services, your systems are continuously operated, monitored and optimized. You maximize the benefit from our accumulated knowledge and experience and ensure that the solution delivers the business benefits you were promised.

The service includes:

On-call Support

Our operation and maintenance service includes efficient support 5 days a week between 8-17. Our response time is maximum 4 hours and the solution is never far away at ENIT.

ENIT Cloud Concept

Whether you want your Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution to be operated in the cloud, locally or as a hybrid solution, a containerized installation is the right way to go to get the most out of your solution! ENIT has developed a concept where your StreamServe / Exstream solution can run in a container-based way with Docker (container platform in the cloud) and Kubernetes – stable tools for managing containers on clusters consisting of several servers. Together with additional applications used to improve the functionality and experience of your solution, you get a solution that means you can spend more time developing customer value instead of spending time and energy on upgrades and maintenance of your CCM solution.

This is how the ENIT Cloud Concept works:
When you run your StreamServe / Exstream solution in a containerized way, you simplify the distribution of your applications, which makes it easy to control the use, start up new containers if someone is wrong etc. When it comes to upgrading and controlling your environment, a containerized installation has many benefits: when it’s time to upgrade, you can quickly point your existing containers to a new version of the software and start testing almost immediately. You also get better control over your environment through Kubernete’s advanced logging and reporting features.

Are you considering implementing your CCM solution in a containerized way with Docker and Kubernetes? Contact ENIT for more information on implementation, pricing and possible delivery models.

ENIT Cloud Concept with StreamServe/Exstream using Docker
ENIT Cloud Concept with StreamServe/Exstream using Kubernetes

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