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Do you want to streamline the management of company documents and improve customer communication? We will help you! ENIT is a proven leader with over 200 years of experience in OpenText Exstream, StreamServe, and CCM development.

Market-leading consultants

Our consultants are experienced, certified developers in OpenText and can create customized omnichannel solutions for customer communication. As a result, we give customers and suppliers the best experience, regardless of whether the communication is done digitally or on paper.
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What is OpenText Exstream & StreamServe?

OpenText Exstream, formerly known as StreamServe, is a platform that automates and streamlines document-related business processes and enables the future of communication, namely Customer Communications Management (CCM). Also called omnichannel-personalized communication.

Omnichannel communication for stronger customer relationships

The word “omni” in omnichannel comes from Latin and means “everywhere.” Omnichannel aims to create the best possible customer and user experience across all communication channels. This is done by data, such as user behavior, interests, purchase history, and preferences, setting the strategy for how best to communicate with the customer.

Why use OpenText Exstream?

OpenText Exstream is the market-leading CCM platform.

With Exstream as a basis, you can take control of customer communication, optimize business value, strengthen customer experiences and create the conditions for internal and external communication to take place in a simple and automated way.

You can also improve customer loyalty and create engaging, personalized experiences that deliver better, more long-lasting results related to customer lifetime value (CLV).

Streamline all your company's document flows

With modern document systems, Exstream helps you more efficiently handle documents. In addition, with a single software solution for all your company’s document flows, you can significantly reduce costs and environmental impact.

Improve the customer experience with personalized communication

Exstream uses data and content that already exists within the organization to create personalized communications. With this tailored marketing, you can improve the customer experience by delivering personalized messages to every customer without any manual handling.

Take control of customer communication

A common problem with document management at organizations and companies is the inability to administer, adjust and control customer communication as you want without involving the IT department for changes. Exstream gives business users control over content and processes. Whether the user is a content producer, marketer, front office worker, or technical user, the people who know the content best gain control.

Tailor customer communication

Sharpen the customer experience with tailored customer communication. ENIT helps you install, maintain and optimize your document and system environments. We tailor each effort to your unique business needs and potential. This way, we help you maximize your investment in the OpenText Exstream platform by increasing profitability and production efficiency.
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Examples of tailored OpenText Exstream solutions ENIT has delivered

Exempel på framgångsrika case där vi med konsulttjänster och skräddarsydda lösningar inom OpenText CCM, StreamServe & Exstream hjälpt kunder att utveckla och digitalisera sin kundkommunikation samt förbättra kundupplevelsen.

SSAB, StreamServe/Exstream, Store, archive customer of ENIT

Our customer SSAB, is the Nordic region’s largest manufacturer of commercial steel and is a global group with extensive document management.

Therefore, we were tasked with making nearly 30 million documents searchable and accessible to more than 14,000 employees in a user-friendly web interface, where every employee can easily do their document searches.


When the StreamServe installation was to be retired at our customer Fitesa, we took overall responsibility. 

This with help from our proprietary service for operation and maintenance: Managed Services. It is a service that helps the customer on an ongoing basis with development projects, maintenance, and troubleshooting in case of any problems.

Fitesa, StreamServe/Exstream, EMS customer of ENIT

StreamServe – a success story starting in Sweden

The software company StreamServe was founded in Sweden in 1995 when Per Einarsson and five friends built a document exchange that could move data from one type of document to another. This is after identifying the problem of customizing customer documents in the resource planning for larger enterprises (ERP).

At this time, when the main communication channels were mail and fax machines, it was a user’s dream to try to change the data in existing templates and adapt to the needs or requirements of customers.

StreamServe became a success story thanks to, among other things, close partnerships with ERP providers such as Intentia, Baan, and SAP that enabled StreamServe to scale and grow internationally.

Part of OpenText

Today, StreamServe is part of OpenText, which acquired StreamServe in 2010. Under the new name Exstream, it is the market-leading CCM platform.

StreamServe as a product has different names depending on how it is used:

Distribution of the documents can be done, for example, via mail, Kivra, HTML, SMS or on paper.

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Installation, development and maintenance of OpenText Exstream

ENIT is a certified partner for OpenText and market-leading consultants in OpenText CCM solutions. We provide licenses, upgrades and trainings in OpenText Exstream/Streamserve and CCM solutions.

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