Integration & Document Creation
using ENIT Flowbuilder

We specialize in integrating OpenText CCM, StreamServe & Exstream with third-party systems such as CRM and business systems such as Iscala, Jeeves, SAP, Movex, Raindance, Guidewire and Legacy systems.

ENIT has also developed tools that simplify the process of integrating different systems, such as format conversion and communication. This ensures that you get the easiest and most effective solution in your specific integration project. With deep knowledge of Java technology, we handle development and customization of all types of web applications.

For customer communication management ENIT has developed an easy tool to help guide the user to create documents with the correct content, ENIT Document Creation. More information to come. 

We know how the standard solutions can be adapted to your needs in the best way. What can we help you with?


ENIT Flowbuilder enables easy integration between application, APIs and services. It handles process flows with a browser based editor. ENIT Flowbuilder is fully integrated with StreamServe/Exstream solution for document generation but can also act as a cheaper replacement for the majority of integrations, conversions and document generations. The application package provides a modern editor with a visual user interface used to connect flows using the wide range of nodes in a palette. The finished solution is deployed to its runtime ina single-click. ENIT Flowbuilder will run On premise, In private cloud or In public cloud. JavaScript functions can easily be created to add enhanced functionality.

Main functionality
ENIT Flowbuilder makes it easy to integrate application and transform data/files between different formats. The created solutions are easy to maintain and extend.

  • Directory scanner
  • FTP transfers
  • Database connection
  • Web Services
  • and much more
  • XML
  • CSV
  • JSON
  • YAML
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • and much more
  • File
  • Http
  • Kivra
  • Sparkpost e-mail
  • SMS
  • Printers
  • Zebra printers for labels
  • ENIT Store to archive documents
  • ENIT Tracking
  • and much more
 ENIT Flowbuilder, integration, document generation

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