Fitesa, StreamServe/Exstream, EMS customer of ENIT


ENIT took overall responsibility for the operation & maintenance of the StreamServe solution for labels and production documents. The 13 high-performance Fitesafactories are now never standing still.
Fitesa is a global company founded in 1973 anda leader in the industry for innovative “fiber fabrics”. With 13 high-performance factories and 1,500 employees, Fitesa specializes in fabrics for hygiene, medical and industrial markets. These fabrics are found in diapers and sanitary napkins as well as in medical, agricultural and industrial products.

The global company Fitesa has for many years used StreamServe for business-critical labelling and production documentation in its 13 high-performance factories. When the person responsible for the StreamServe installation was to retire, Fitesa was looking for a skilled replacement with the right knowledge and experience.

ENIT stood out with personal commitment and high and broad competence among its consultants. We thus gained the confidence to take overall responsibility for the existing StreamServe system.

The solution for Fitesa was the ENIT service for operation and maintenance: Managed Services. A service that helps the customer continuously with development projects, maintenance and troubleshooting in case of any problems. Fitesa handed over overall responsibility to ENIT and with a close dialogue we also became a resource around the rest of the IT environment. In all ongoing development projects, ENIT provides guidance, which eliminates any possible handling errors.

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Today, Fitesa has a safe, well-documented StreamServe environment that is stable, has high performance and development projects that go quickly and are based on ENIT’s documented experience with years of experience and best practices.


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