ENIT named DI Gasell of the year 2022

ENIT named DI Gasell of the year 2022

ENIT DI Gasell 2022

Once again has ENIT been awarded DI Gasell – 2022.

ENIT has received the DI Gasell 2022 award, which means that the company is one of Sweden’s most successful companies – which is growing fastest, is profitable and has sound finances. Less than 1 percent of Sweden’s limited companies meet the requirements to be called Gasell companies.

ENIT has had a fantastic development over the past five years with a sales increase of 43% per year and has also been profitable since the start. During the past year, the company has also expanded internationally starting a subsidiary in Finland. 

The founders of ENIT, Christian Hadenius and Peter Grill, attended the DI Gasell award gala to receive the award. 

Since 2000, Dagens Industri has ranked Sweden’s most successful company. The ranking is based on the companies’ four most recent annual reports and a variety of factors.
Read more about DI Gasell.

ENIT founders Peter Grill Christian Hadenius DI Gasell

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