Development of OpenText CCM,
StreamServe and Exstream

We streamline all document flows within a company: package, distribute, automate and integrate with your business system. Our consultants are experienced, certified OpenText developers who know how to use standard solutions. With expertise in CCM (Customer Communication Management), RPA and integration.

We know how the standard solutions can be adapted to your needs in the best way. What can we help you with?


Most companies need ongoing help with their development projects, on site or remotely. ENIT has the skills needed to develop, manage, troubleshoot and maintain your solution.

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Install, develop and maintain your solution. Create and transform traditional documents into engaging communication carriers of market messages and other notices. Improve existing documents and document processes (layout, graphic elements and content). Configure distribution channels and production files. Migrate older versions to newer ones and manage upgrades. Analyze your solution and see if it is installed and configured in an optimal way. Ensure that the IT environment is scalable, stable and secure.

ENIT world leading consulting firm for OpenText StreamServe/Exstream CCM, Technical Partner

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

ENIT can help you customize automations using RPA.

Robotic Process Automation enables document flows to be automated at a fraction of both time and cost. Routines are facilitated and streamlined. The “robot” consists of the software, a digital employee who, by working in a controlled manner, increases the quality of both implementation and processes. Automation in turn frees up space for other value-creating tasks for the workforce.

Examples of human actions that RPA robots can streamline:

RPA with market-leading UiPath

UiPath is the leading platform for Robotic Process Automation that utilizes the existing infrastructure without causing disruption to underlying systems. Quick and easy projects and easy licensing.

ENIT UiPath, RPA developer and partner


We specialize in integrating OpenText CCM, StreamServe & Exstream with third-party systems such as CRM and business systems such as Iscala, Jeeves, SAP, Movex, Raindance and Legacy systems.

ENIT has also developed tools that simplify the process of integrating different systems, such as format conversion and communication. This ensures that you get the easiest and most effective solution in your specific integration project. With deep knowledge of Java technology, we handle development and customization of all types of web applications.

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