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Wallenstam not only builds, develops and manages buildings but also works in close collaboration with cities to create safe, secure places and neighbourhoods where people love to live, work and visit. The company is one of the largest private-sector landlords in Sweden with around 7,500 apartments in central locations in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Taking environmental and security issues seriously, Wallenstam is always looking for new opportunities to build, develop and work more sustainably. The company is also a major commercial operator and developer of commercial properties concentrated in Gothenburg’s inner-city and nearby areas.

“We found Enit to be very proactive throughout this digital upgrade process. With their experience, expertise and proven ability to solve problems in the right way, Enit has significantly helped us in our digital change management process. We look forward to continued shared success in our working relationship.”

~ Daniel Svartling, IT Director at Wallenstam


Wallenstam recognized the need to drive change and use technology to propel new business momentum. Committing to embarking on a digital journey to create a virtual toolbox for flexibility in meeting this challenge, StreamServe became part of that toolbox to allow Wallenstam to move forward with automating key processes with efficiency.

They needed external help to solve technology challenges that were not able to be resolved using internal resources. Wallenstam leveraged the necessary technical skills and expertise in StreamServe technology, as well as integrations to 3rd-party systems, from Enit.

Given the magnitude of their operations, the goal was that, together with StreamServe and other solutions Enit provides, the company would come into line with contemporary automated processes that use resources and systems efficiently.


Wallenstam decided to use StreamServe to design, develop and create invoices. The goal was to create different types of invoice outputs: Print (AFP), Email (PDF), E-invoicing (XML + PDF) and EDI Invoices (Svefaktura XML & PDF).

StreamServe needed to be “integrated” with two different source systems – Fastnet (rent printouts) and Xellent (for utility Invoices produced by their energy company, Svensk Naturenergi).

StreamServe also needed to integrate with their banks through textfiles to update their data warehouse and push data to their invoice approval system (Basware).


The broad experience and deep expertise of Enit gave Wallenstam the ability to solve problems and integrate customized solutions in the right way. While an intense process, integrations were smooth and thorough with an additional unexpected benefit being that Enit challenged Wallenstam personnel to do the right things vs. the easy things.

One key to the success of this relationship is that the client is secure in knowing that Enit consultants will ask the right questions, be easy to reach and highly responsive.

The company now has a stable and flexible technology backbone and the on-going expertise to maintain as well as innovate for future needs as they arise.


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Fitesa is a leader in the industry of innovative “fiber fabrics”. They specialize in fabrics for hygiene, medical and industrial markets. These fabrics are found in diapers and binders as well as in medical, agricultural and industrial products.

““With Enit close at hand, it will never be wrong."

~ Hans Taawo EU & China IT Manager


StreamServe produces labels and documentation for products and is critical at the production stage. Fitesa, with 13 factories and high production volume, requires continuous IT solutions. Every minute is precious and production must never stall or stop.

When the person responsible for the StreamServe installation retired, the challenge was to find a replacement for that expertise. After some exploration, Fitesa discovered Enit as a result of their active industry presence and advanced skills.


The solution was Enit’s Managed Services service, which continuously helps the customer with development projects, maintenance and troubleshooting for potential problems. Fitesa left overall responsibility for StreamServe to Enit and, with close dialogue, Enit became a resource in the other areas of the IT environment. With Enit, Fitesa gets guidance in ongoing development projects and eliminates any handling errors.

Read more about Enit’s Managed Services.


The result of Fitesa working with Enit is a well-documented environment that is stable, with high performance and where development projects are fast, based on years of experience and best practices.

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